Advanced Interior Wire Light Kit

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This is the Advanced Interior Atmosphere Wirelight Kit!

The Kit includes (5) 3 foot long individual RGB LED Strips(You can mix and match lengths, cut to length, 15 feet total which can be cut into various length sections). These carbon based optical fiber lights are the most advanced wire lights in our arsenal.

They are Extremely Bright and Colorful & have tons of fine tuning capability inside the Bluetooth app.

  • RGB Multi-ColoršŸŒˆ Flow Modes
  • Fine Tune Brightness Control
  • Bluetooth Smartphone Compatible
  • Music Reaction Bounce Modes
  • Custom Programmable Theme Modes
  • + Ton’s more customization!

These can be hardwired to the 12v system in your car or you can connect the 12v Cigarette Lighter Adapter. Grab yourself a set today!

If you need help with the installation feel free to Contact Us, use our live chat or check out our Certified Installer Program!


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Wire Light Kit

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These awesome LED Atmosphere Wire Lights are HOT and NEW for 2020! This product is NOT Sold in Stores!Ā Grab it here while they last!

Brighten up the interior atmosphere of your car with these amazing wire lights. Slingshot your car all the way up to to 2020’s hottest automotive trends!

These lights add a subtle futuristic vibe to your car that will be sure to spin heads! This is a universal kit and will fit any car.

This Atmosphere Lighting is usually only found on higher end Audi & Mercedes vehicles, grab it here today for a fraction of the price!

  • (1) Single 9 Foot Long Light Strip
    aaaaCut to length – New flexible circuit
    aaaaContained Simple Box Unit
  • Sync multiple units togetherĀ 
    aaaaInline On/Off Switch
    aaaa3x Options Blink/Fast Blink/Solid
    aaaaMultiple (10) Color Options
  • IP68 Water/Dust/Mud Proof
    aaaaWirelight is waterproof
    aaaa2x Rechargeable AA USB BatteriesĀ 
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee āœ“
    aaaaLimited Lifetime Warranty
    aaaaOptional Install Service Provided
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